Lithium is a soft alkali metal and one of the most reactive and flammable elements in the periodic table. It is not found in its pure form in nature, as it will react readily to form a more stable compound where it can. With these properties, it is not surprising that the element has many industrial uses including glass, ceramic and steel production, power generating batteries, nuclear fusion and weaponry. Since the early 2000’s, the amount of lithium produced has increased dramatically with the rise in personal battery driven devices.


Given the highly reactive nature of lithium, strict regulation has been imposed on the production, usage, and disposal of the substance. It burns at extremely high temperatures meaning that it requires specialist furnaces that can withstand the extreme heat to destroy it. It is an accelerant which means that it burns producing oxygen which then feeds the fire. It reacts with air and water and is potentially explosive when combined with either. Lithium fires are difficult to put out and require specialist extinguishers.


This means that certain types of lithium are particularly difficult to handle, especially when collected in large amounts together, such as a waste recycling centre. That is why the responsible disposal of such batteries has become essential. 


As well as commercial batteries, lithium is used extensively in the nuclear industry and as fuel for weapons like torpedoes and rockets. Obviously given the nature of these two usages, safety and security are paramount and this requires extensive planning and expertise to extricate spent weapons from challenging environments like battlefields and remote or dangerous terrain.


Companies and organisations need the assurance that their lithium products will be handled and destroyed in a responsible manner. Many transport companies will refuse to carry lithium due to its dangerous nature. That is where we come in.


With a network of experienced professionals, qualified drivers and personnel and partners beyond the UK, we are able to offer a specialised service for the management and disposal of lithium based products of all kinds. Whether it is the collection and disposal of lithium-ion batteries or the management of the lithium 6 form used in nuclear weapons, we have the experience and expertise needed to ensure the substance is effectively handled and destroyed. All our drivers are registered to move explosives and nuclear material and we have all the necessary accreditations.


Our extensive experience in logistics planning means that conflict zones and mountains need not be a barrier to us safely removing your lithium waste. Working with you and our partners, we design a custom solution based on your exact requirements to avoid geographical or military boundaries and ensure the safe extrication of the lithium to its final location.


All this with a fully accountable audit trail means that you can prove that you have disposed of your lithium waste in line with current regulation and you can have peace of mind knowing that you have fulfilled your duty of care.

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