With 20 years’ experience in the hazardous waste sector, we have become the go-to company for dealing with the management of challenging substances. An extensive background in gas/liquid removal and disposal gives us the credentials to deal with the most hazardous substances in a responsible and compliant manner.


We provide a “cradle to grave” service which means we handle the whole process from start to finish. We remove the substance from the location, arrange the transportation in suitable vessels to the final location, provide the requisite paperwork and oversee the disposal of the material at an authorised site. Working with our clients, we design a bespoke solution to manage safe and secure transit, dealing with complex logistics, dangerous terrain and everything else in between. Each client is different and each scenario is different. When it comes to hazardous waste management, one size does not fit all; each situation will require careful planning to ensure safe transit of the material to its final destination. 


At Excel Trading, we are used to working in some of the most challenging locations anywhere in the world. From warzones and difficult or mountainous terrain to places where access is compromised, complex logistics is our strength and this is what makes our service so unique. We are used to dealing the management of a wide range of dangerous and explosive substances in live conflict zones and some of the most hostile or remote environments. Although we are based in the UK we have many partners abroad so we can offer our services to clients all over the globe.

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